May 26, 2011

Conceptual pt2

Book of Subtleness

Book of Confusion
[Apparently "confusement" is not a word. -o-]

This was a book project from back in gr.12. Our teacher, the lovely ms. Mac taught us how to bind our own books. I forgot what the purpose of the project was but the books had to have a conceptual meaning.

Here's mine, the point was to have a meaning of a word expressed through lines inside the books. What's ironic/ or contradicting about it is that the books are super clean, white, and simple on the outside, which makes you curious about what's in the inside. 
And so you open the book to find out the contradictions.

I chose to express the words "subtle" and "confusion" because they're opposites. It makes the books more interesting to view as a set.

This was done with paper, cardboard, thread, ink pen, and liquid eyeliner (secret weapon!).

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