May 6, 2011

[2010] Sheridan Animation Portfolio

Animal Drawings
[oh my goodness drawing animals are HARD!]
Hand Drawing - Before
Hand Drawing - After
Character Rotation - 1st Take
Character Rotation - 2nd Take
Character Rotation - Final
Character Expressions - 1
[..lack of emotions :/ ]
Character Action Pose - 1
[I couldn't find the finalized version.]
Character Action Pose - 2
Household Objects - Before
[I think I photoshopped it too much, the blue lines are too dark and sharp.]

Household Objects - After
Room Line Drawing - Before
[I ran out of time for this one.]
Room Line Drawing - After

Storyboard: Scene 1
[My fave frame from the storyboard, the rest suck. Oh boy did I make a huge mistake choosing to draw the cat, he is difficult to draw accurately according to the proportions! I should've chosen the little boy instead. -_-]


  1. Hi ! I love your works =D
    Did you get accepted?

    1. Hi, thanks so much! You don't know how encouraged I felt after reading your comment!
      Sadly I didn't get in, my portfolio was lacking in some areas, but I learned so much while preparing for it.
      Right now I go to OCAD University for graphic design. :)