Jan 7, 2013

Exposed 2009 : Welcome to the Jungle

My high school [Earl Haig Secondary School] has a student run fashion show once every year. These are my precious designs from my first year as a fashion designer, and in fact, it was my first time creating a collection of clothing for real people. The designs were inspired by the colourful, fun, cute, exotic animals of the jungle, but some of the animals I chose are not even from the jungle. Hahah -_-;;


Flamingo / Peacock


With my lovely models and choreographer.
lol I'm so awkward..
My headshot photo

Jun 15, 2012


I was bored and did this random doodle on Illustrator last year.

Spring Fashion

Spring handbag fashion posters from year 1.
The bags are my own and I photographed them myself.
These were done for fun~